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Debt relief
Tired of being landlord

Our Story
...The present


Always been dreaming about living in America, we came here for the first time in 2011.
Since then we've been back and forth establishing our business.

We are doing our best to positively impact the community we are becoming part of through the services we provide and our charity

How it all started

We are a young couple and have come here chasing the American dream.


New in this country, we personally faced several challenges, in these particular times, to acquire our own home.  

Along our path we've met a few valuable people in this field, willing to help us.
We then realized the amazing opportunities that still exist in this Great Country.
Especially here in Florida, people are always ready to share and empower others. 

Inspired by this mentality we decided to use our experience, knowledge and creativity, together with the wisdom and contribution of our friends, to help others facing similar situations, whether in search of a home or wanting to sell one. 

Feel free to get in touch with us and tell us to see what we can do for you.
727 366 6916


"By helping people
we give meaning to real estate"
                                                                           Eva & Elia


What others say ABOUT US

Alyssa G.: "The kindest and most honest people I've run into in a long time. Need more people doing business like them. Great couple!!!"
March 2015


Noreen S. L.: "They were prompt and professional. I will do business with them again."
April 2015


Jenny K.: "Awesome to do business with! Very honest. So glad we found them, will definitely be doing business in the future! Thanks again, you guys ROCK!"
April 2015


Mark A.: "Both Elia and Eva are stand up people that can be trusted. I give them my full approval."
April 2015

Mark L.: "We have all heard it, want it, some deserve it....Elia and Eva....well...they Deliver it.
What is it??????
Thanks a bunch."
April 2015


Daisha B. R.: "It was a pleasure dealing with Elia & Eva. They are very professional and caring. And prefer to get the work done asap which is refreshing. They are a top recommendation!"
April 2015


Becky S.: "Best couple ever smart savvy motivate truly out to help others what amazing and beautiful people I can not recommend anyone in this field more highly fantastico."
June 2015


Bob Y.: "Eva and Elia are the Real Deal! These guys have a great propensity for getting things done quickly and tirelessly. I'm proud to have them in my network of friends and business associates."
July 2015




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