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Interviewed by HollyMcKhann on her show: Secrets to Real Estate Investing 

- May 23rd 2018 -

SREI 090 Elia Luti came from Italy to pursue the American Dream - Secrets to Real Estate Investing
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In this episode of “The Secrets to Real Estate Investing” with Hard Hat Holly, we get the opportunity to sit down with one of our most inspiring investors to date, Elia Luti.
Elia immigrated to Florida about 5 years ago with very little money to start a real estate investing business.
This mover and shaker knew early on that it didn’t matter if he had limited funds, no credit and a thick accent, it is ultimately perseverance, grit, and tenacity that count in this industry.
Having very little capital to work with, Elia and his wife were forced to get creative. They discovered invaluable tools such as owner financing, subject to, and lease options.
The main hurdle that Elia had to get over were his own limiting beliefs, which he graciously dives into with us today. Demonstrating that if you want true success one must never give up, Elia kept at it to find great achievement.
Today he will share with our listeners many of the simple yet powerful techniques we all can use to close deals with motivated sellers so we can achieve financial freedom and live the life of our dreams!


In this episode, you’ll learn about…

  • How to finance deals with little or no money out of pocket

  • How you don’t need a perfect credit score to play this game

  • What does subject to mean? How do you define a lease option? What are other creative financing strategies?

  • The importance of networking through places like Facebook or other investing sites and finding mentors so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel

  • How to provide useful and helpful solutions to your sellers

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Guests once again of Jamie Meloni on his new That Business Show 2.0 

- May 31st 2017 -

Watch the full interview here below (in the middle of the page)
or visit our You Tube Channel for highlights and more by clicking the icon.

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Mortgage Underwater
Mortgage Underwater

Back on Tyler Sheff's Podcast: "CASHFLOWGUYS"
- Apr 2017 -

Today Tyler is joined by one of his audience’s favorite guests, the power-investing couple of Elia Luti & Eva Kovacs, who came to America with the dream of investing.

Elia and Eva built their investing business without throwing down all-cash offers, because they couldn’t. Along the way, Elia and Eva have built their brand along with their business to portray their investing identity and values, which has attracted countless investors to their door.

Their philosophy of focusing on both personal and professional development has grown their investing business exponentially, as well as encouraging feedback from their investors and sellers.

Elia and Eva take the time to really connect with sellers and other investors, not rushing the process or getting frustrated when negotiations aren’t steaming along the track.

Working on any deal takes time, and you may end up working on a single deal for up to a year.

You have to build yourself, your “brand”, as someone the seller knows, likes, and trusts enough to work with.

Using these principles of integrity and real-world perspective, Elia and Eva don’t need credit to do their deals; they attract their business simply by their own personal brand.

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“In order to work with stand-up guys, you have to be a stand-up guy”.

Elia L.

with Brenda Allocco, Joseph Camerieri & Bill Moravec

 - Jan 2017 -

Mortgage Underwater
Mortgage Underwater
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"TOASTMASTER is helping me improve my communication skills
gaining confidence with the English language." - Elia L.

To know more about what this great organization can do for you and where the closest Club to you is just click the picture below.

Live again on That Business Show with Jamie Meloni & Kelly Wilson

together with our Friend Christopher Nowicki and our Mentor Larry Harbolt
- Dec 2016 -

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"Knowledge and experience make all the difference!


We get better to provide better services!

We adapt to any situation and need

to improve people's lives!"
Elia L.

Mortgage Underwater

Click on the picture above to watch the entire episode

Guests of Tyler Sheff on his Podcast: "CASHFLOWGUYS"
- Apr 2016 -

[...] This episode should provide a different outlook overcoming fear and taking action after hearing Eva and Elia’s story.

[...] They came to this country just a few years ago…hand in hand with nothing but each other, their clothes and a few dollars.

It began with focus, they did not think about what they didn’t know, instead they focused on what they planned to achieve.

Traveling to the US to begin a new life did not include a set of First Class seats on the Concorde, nor were they carrying suitcases of cash.
They did however share a dream to move to America and build a real estate investing business from scratch.

Eva and Elia spent (and still spend) many hours on self improvement by reading books, books that were written in
English, even when they did not speak English fluently.

They continued to expand their horizons also by attending local REIA Meetings. (Real Estate Investment Associations).

By attending networking events and simply being genuine, they attracted the attention of local real estate investment experts.
These experts approached them and offered their assistance in educating Elia and Eva on creative acquisition techniques.

[...] Mentors such as the late Jim Rohn, “Uncle Jack”, Larry Harbolt, Peter Fortunato, Jack SheaJohn Schaub and many more have been a great help to Eva and Elia.
If they had not first put themselves out there to
be willing to learn, they would not have been in a position to “receive the information”.

Eva and Elia believe in helping others first, that mindset usually results in others feeling compelled to help you in return.
This very basic principle is what initially resulted in the launch of the CashFlowGuys brand and has helped launch Eva and Elia’s business.

Elia says to overcome fear quickly, begin with the steps that you fear the most….that way everything else becomes easy. AWESOME Advice!

During the show Tyler Sheff asked Eva and Elia “What can our audience do to help you?”
Eva and Elia responded with the following:

“We are thankful for people that believed in us and gave us a chance. Whoever has given us a chance we’ve never let them down. If you want to help us, all we ask is that you give us a chance. Our goal at this stage of our lives is to build credibility and gain
visibility. If you want to refer us a deal (we’d reward you for it), interview us or have us sponsor your event, we’d appreciate it.”
Eva and Elia

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Our very first interview, live on That Business Show with Jamie Meloni
together with our Friend and Mentor Larry Harbolt
- Feb 2016 -

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